Monique Manigault
Attorney, Speaker and Life & Business 
Leveraging Strategist 


Build the life of your dreams FASTER,
and move forward
FARTHER in the shortest
amount of time!

Yes! I'm Ready to LeverageUp My Life Now!

Build the life of your dreams FASTER, and move forward FARTHER in the shortest amount of time!

Top 5 Powerful Things You'll Learn in this Masterclass:

Learn the top 3 ways to manifest your dreams into reality at TOP SPEED

Breakthrough the most common blocks that prevent people from moving forward in their lives  

Discover how to turn your life's greatest trials into your life's greatest triumphs

Uncover the #1 Most Effective Way to Eliminate Negative Self-Talk and Doubt

Learn what you must do every day to ensure you move forward and are not reverting back to your old unhealthy patterns

Just a Few Strategies You'll Take Away:

Learn how using leveraged components in your life can move your life faster and farther than you could ever do without them

Discover how to make your relationships more meaningful and magical by simply being open to one life changing component

Learn the strategy to allow life's lessons and signs to propel you on a life path far greater than you could ever dream of on your own

What People Are Saying About Monique's System & Events!

"I am so grateful we have crossed paths and being exposed to Monique has also brought forward new opportunities and more opportunities to come. I am more than pleased with the outcome of Monique's guidance, as it without a doubt, will and has changed my life for the better.  

Thank you and looking forward to the future!"

- Tamara Grant, Toronto, ON

"Monique’s expertise in providing me fantastic ideas to leverage up really helped me think outside of the box. They were simple, practical yet POWERFUL strategies to allow me to further spread my message of finding freedom with food, fearless body confidence and being your own best friend internationally, while also earning more income without working harder! Thank you Monique for your amazing expertise. If you want to learn how to leverage up, Monique is your go-to person. She is so easy to talk with too!”

- Rosalyn Fung, Registered Psychologist & Founder of Holistic Body Love

"Working with Monique has allowed me to acknowledge the real possibilities of my potential, hone in on my true expertise, and organize my priorities so that I may see real results. Monique will be the catalyst for putting all of your plans in motion. Building a program is multi-faceted and it involves constant altering of your ideas.  

Monique will help you take all of your clutter and make it come together so that you may reach your goals. Monique will help you understand and be able to articulate and apply what you already know, but have not been able to do.”

- Ericka Williams, Host of the Boss Lady Chronicles Radio Show

"After working with Monique, I am more confident in packaging my services to fit the needs of individuals that seek step-by-step guidance throughout their fitness journey in order to hit the desirable goal. I have gained more insight in knowing how to properly brand myself and took the necessary steps to booking my first client!! I am filled with gratitude for the opportunity to work closely with Monique. She is a life changer!"  

- Carissa McEwen


About Monique

Monique Manigault is a Transformational Speaker, Attorney, Author and Life & Business Leveraging Strategist. She is the founder of and the creator of popular programs like LeverageUp Business Breakthrough Bootcamp, the LeverageUp Academy and LeverageUp Your Life. 

Through Monique’s life story and lessons where she defied the odds and overcame tremendous obstacles, she has been able to assist people from the place of being stuck to catapult them into their own defined greatness. Using what she has learned, Monique taps into people’s divine passions and desires and assists them in reaching their ultimate goals. 

In addition to leading workshops, seminars and speaking throughout the country and abroad, Monique maintains a private coaching practice working one-on-one with her clients and coaching them on everything from leveraging current relationships and increasing sales, to overcoming challenges that are blocking their growth. 

Monique has a nationally syndicated television show “Women On the Move.”